Nothing seems real where dreams collide with
Disastrous reality,
Morning dawn and a careless twist of an arm
With nothing more but smoke from blooming lips
The color of coffee and a tightness
From the center of my heart.

I watch her dance through words and pictures
And am captivated by the way
Her words taste like bittersweet chocolate
And lavender tea.

Her eyes turn to liquid honey in the sunlight,
Pools of sweetness I found myself lost in 
Repeatedly in the morning light.
Her skin glistening golden hour
Seeping down the frame of her body.

Ribs twisted like broken window panes
And rivers of curls cascading down her 
Neck with careful precision 
Guided by the heavens.

The moon, her mother,
Watching the nights I spend with her 
With silver light from the stars above, 
Reflecting off the stars embedded in her skin.
Olive and caramel with saturated violet veins 
Mixed like paint in the waters from her bursting heart.

In the space between dreams and disastrous reality,
Where talking feels like singing, 
And my ears rupture with heartbeats and the gentle
Whispers from her smoke-stained lips.

She washes over me the way the ocean washes over
The land when the moon is full;
She is my cloudless night sky. 

Roses blooming from her skin and hair,
The smells of awakened love and distant foggy memories
Of something more blissful,
That pulls me away from my stagnant place
Into the endlessness of the liquid cosmos.

With her and her fractaling visions,
I could spend an eternity.