Zoë Riches is a self-taught artist and illustrator from Salt Lake City, UT, who is currently based in Boston, MA. She started painting at the tender age of 12 when she received her first easel and paint set. Ever since she has been in love with painting and creating.

Her artwork reflects her deepest personal desires and her general outlook on life, often focusing on longing, heartache, romance, and divine femininity. As of recent, she had been using strictly primary colors in her work, creating an overall theme and aesthetic which fits her subject matter. Zoë is often inspired by nature, spirituality, and melancholy music.

As well as watercolor paintings, Zoë focuses her creative energy on wood-burning tools to use in the spiritual craft. She is fascinated with manifestation and energy work and hopes to share that wonder with the world.

Zoë’s work has been showcased through RAW: Natural Born Artists (April 18, 2019) in Boston, MA, as well as through Salt Clan (June 5, 2014) in Salt Lake City. She has worked on several commissions in the last year, including album/band artwork and gifts. She is currently working on creating her own tarot deck and designing clothing under her brand “The Bleeding Hearts Club.”

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Please send your most heartfelt inquiries on commissions or whatever else to zoe@zoerichesart.com