Please send all Commission inquiries to my email


༺♡༻ Considering commissioning me for some art? Here’s a thoughtful guide on what to send. ༺♡༻

*I accept only a couple commission formats ~ 9″x12″ watercolor painting, 6″x8″ watercolor painting, 9″x12″ or smaller ink drawings, or single file digital pieces. Psychedelic pieces are available on standard canvas in 11″x14″ or smaller*

  • FORMAT – If you need something done in a different format than what is listed above, let me know. Just know that the timeframe will be longer for larger-scale pieces and multi-file digital pieces. This part also includes Style & Medium. Digital or Traditional / Romantic or Psychedelic – these affect the timeframe and cost of the piece. To be extra helpful (if you want), you can send me screenshots of pieces I’ve already done to help me get a better idea.
  • INTENTION – what is the intention behind the piece? Is it a gift? For commercial use (i.e. branding, merchandise, etc.)? Personal use maybe, like a tattoo or decoration (idk)? Multiple components? Provide as much detail as possible.
  • TIMEFRAME – When do you need this piece by? Please consider shipping time when figuring a timeframe. If there’s no specific “due date”, then no worries! ♥
  • REFERENCES – If you can, please include reference images of what you have in mind to help me better understand exactly what you’re looking for.


༺♡༻ PAYMENT ༺♡༻

I accept payment through Venmo, PayPal, and Cashapp. I typically take a deposit, which is half the total cost, once we agree on a concept moving forward. I am pretty flexible though and will accept payment plans, especially on more complicated pieces.
Additional fees may apply if complex revisions are requested after the concept phase, especially on Traditional medium and larger-scale pieces.
I work really hard on all of my pieces, so if you try to screw me over I will destroy you 🙂



I am a hand-poke tattoo artist and will occasionally accept tattoo appointments! I usually do smaller-scale tattoos as hand-poking is very time-consuming. Keep your design ideas within a 3″x3″ radius.
~Flash designs will be posted soon!~
To book an appointment with me, please fill out this form. I will reach out within 48 hours of submission.