The Moon faintly whistled in my ear,
Beckoning me.
With a light touch and gentle whisper
She said,
I see your heart aches,
Swells beyond its capacity,
Filling your chest
And stretching your frame.

My eyes glistened in her sweet light.
You are brimming with constellations
That desire freedom from your eyes.

The truth hides
From the easiest solution.
And with her I wonder, 
If she watches my dreams
Among the cloudless night sky
As the stars gather
With their curious minds,
Eyes wide with anticipation.

She said,
A planetary mother knows,
A sense of struggle
And a lack of happiness,
It is evident in you
And your spiraling patterns.

It’s true,
I don’t dance like I used to,
And I long for a freedom I once had,
A new land with many sacrifices,
A sick belly and a sick mind.

The whirlwind in your stomach,
Your palpitating heart,
The way you sing to yourself
When you’re alone with your haunting thoughts,
Is a longing you must accept.

My heart stopped with the thought,
The Death, The Tower, The Lovers.
With destruction,
May there finally be peace.