A Love Letter To Myself

Nothing seems real where dreams collide withDisastrous reality,Morning dawn and a careless twist of an armWith nothing more but smoke from blooming lipsThe color of coffee and a tightnessFrom the center of my heart. I watch her dance through words and picturesAnd am captivated by the wayHer words taste like bittersweet chocolateAnd lavender tea. Her… Continue reading A Love Letter To Myself


The Moon faintly whistled in my ear,Beckoning me.With a light touch and gentle whisperShe said,“I see your heart aches,Swells beyond its capacity,Filling your chestAnd stretching your frame.” My eyes glistened in her sweet light.“You are brimming with constellationsThat desire freedom from your eyes.” The truth hidesFrom the easiest solution.And with her I wonder, If she watches… Continue reading Untitled